You Always Have a Choice

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This week I have been immersed in listening to “100 conversations for your soul” from the World Summit held by Hay House (register on the site to gain access).  It is an amazing congregation of authors, speakers and spiritual teachers that share powerful lessons on how to live more consciously and create increasingly meaningful lives.  It is the ultimate “TED talk experience” for the self-improvement aficionado.

The primary theme that continues to come from the experts is that: you always have a choice.  The challenge is being aware of the choices you make and how they link to what you see or don’t see in your life.  It can be difficult to identify these choices because they are driven by powerful subconscious beliefs that you may not even know you have.

This is where the power of building mindfulness comes into play.  We all have deep seated beliefs that seemingly construct less than optimal situations.  Until you can see a belief system for what it is, a continuous collection of thoughts you have control over, it will continue to lead your life—with good, bad or indifferent results.

It is our choice to continue to hold onto our thought patterns.  We have the chance to re-create our lives every day, yet we stay stuck in believing past programming.  If you don’t like the program you are experiencing in life each day, why do you keep subscribing to the same channels?

Last month I cancelled a portion of my subscription to cable, knocking out the E! channel.  I did this mostly because I wanted to save $15 toward things I valued more, but as an added bonus I stopped letting the Kardashians into our house every Monday night.  I’m not going to lie; I loved the Kardashian story for quite some time, but lost my curiosity about them in the last few series.  There wasn’t anything new to report, except the biggest story involving Bruce Jenner’s “gender reveal,” which the major networks covered.

I haven’t filled the void of captivating Monday night DVR programming yet, but now I am allowing space for something else to come in.  Not knowing what else may show up is fun; there isn’t a loss, but rather an opening.  This is of course a completely ridiculous example of letting something go to find future inspiration, but it’s through the little pattern changes in our lives that we discover our power to choose and create the lives we really want to live.

In one of the best videos I watched at the Hay House Summit, Co-Creating at its Best with, Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks, the purpose of our time in this world was described as one to experience freedom, growth and joy.  However, how often do we let our choices be led by worry, doubt and guilt?  We are so busy trying to prevent something terrible that we forget to focus on the beautiful things we can create.

You may not even know what your strongest desires are and that is perfectly fine, it is part of the process to understand what things you most enjoy and dislike in this world.  However, when you find those things you don’t enjoy, you must make the choice to leave them, if they do not make you feel good.   Your compass needs to be your feelings of fullness, contentment and peace.  If you don’t feel your natural well-being regularly, you are not where you are meant to be.

Where you are meant to be changes, what made you happy five years ago, may not offer you those “good feelings” anymore because you are operating at new level, needing different things.   It’s ok to make another choice and it’s ok to also stay if it feels good, but you “think” you should do something else.

For me, right now living in Cincinnati feels really good.  I feel surrounded by amazing friends who enable me to laugh, let-go, think deeply and explore new things.  Our home and the rolling hills make my heart feel full.  This choice, I’m not changing any time soon, providing some stability in life as I choose new things in other parts of my life.

I share this example to demonstrate that it’s necessary to have gratitude for the things in your life you don’t want to change, understanding that they provide continuity during times you need to change in other areas.  Often times when we feel unhappy, we feel the need to either offer ourselves short term satisfaction, i.e. eating something delicious or feel like we need a total life makeover.  Yet, the answer is simpler, what key choices do you need to change to see what you really want in your life?

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