Working with the Universe to Meet your Objectives

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This September has been a crazy month filled with adventures, challenges and transitions.  As I look back at how the month unfolded, it was truly one of necessitating flexibility to what the universe presents.

Wanting to control life outcomes, we often we make goals to save money, lose 5 pounds or make more time for friends and then life happens and we become upset that we didn’t meet our own expectations.  Rather than setting goals, I have found it more powerful to identify the areas of my life I want to focus on and then see what opportunities I am presented with that enable me to grow in those areas.  September definitely offered many prospects to do this.

An ongoing focus area for me is to have a deep connection with my family and cultivate it by trying new things together.  Hence when I was presented with the need to fly to Los Angeles for a work meeting, I jumped at the opportunity to make it into an adventure for my mom and I.  In the course of a few days after I booked my ticket to LA the San Francisco ticket was purchased and my mom was on her way to California as well.  We had a blast taking in a winery tour throughout Napa Valley, having our first dim sum luncheon in Chinatown, riding the trolley cars and taking a cruise of the San Francisco bay at sunset.

Of course there were many times where we needed to be flexible and patient—I think traveling always allows for these lessons:)  Regardless of clueless Uber drivers, our “way too south in the Barrio air b’n’b” and being cursed at by homeless people—we had a great time and rolled with the universe.

Following the trip to San Francisco, I had a journey to Detroit planned with Ryan.  The aim of this trip was to support my husband and his goal of becoming a full time artist.  Ryan has an amazing talent of finding scrap metal and turning it into beautiful pieces of art; the challenging side of this talent is making it a sustainable business.  It requires great faith to drive around the country hauling heavy pieces of art and complicated tent contraptions only to be at the whim of Mother Nature’s mood determining whether or not people will come out to purchase art that day.  Despite a cold and rainy Saturday of few sales, Sunday redeemed itself by providing sunshine and customers.

The interesting part of this particular journey is that Ryan and I still had a good time on Saturday, despite the terrible weather, lack of sales and sleep; we laughed together and had fun downing endless chips and salsa together.  I believe we have finally come to accept that this is all part of playing with life—you take chances, you spend money, you push your body and mind—at times you win, many times you don’t.

Coming back from Detroit I caught a bug and quite literally felt entirely out of commission.  Unfortunately I had a big week ahead of me with meetings, dinners and work transitions.  I gave myself Monday to completely let go of responsibilities and accepted that this just may be something I need to tough out this week.  As luck would have it, I felt a lot better on Tuesday and was able to enjoy a lovely dinner with my HR team.  One of my colleagues also organized a going away party for me that was really touching.  Seeing coworkers from my current job and previous ones, listening to how I impacted them was a wonderful feeling.  Despite feeling awkward about this event, it turned out to be a beautiful point of transition.

The last full week of September has kept me busy with a final focus area, to always be there for friends and family when they need a life coach.  Now I don’t mean, taking them through a life assessment and underlying belief analysis, instead simply being on their side without judgement.  We all need that at times when life takes its unplanned twists and turns.  Coaching is not always about personal development, often it is about navigating difficult life situations and accepting what we do and do not have control over.

I share all these stories with you as examples of how to remain flexible with meeting your intended objectives, given what the universe presents.  You may have other plans in place, but the energy and offerings of the month often have even better things in store for you if you learn how to work along with the flow.

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