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What’s Your Story?

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The last few weeks have been filled with a lot of activity for me as I immerse myself in Dr. Amy Johnson’s Life Coaching program and start to live by the principles she shares throughout her lectures.

In living the principles of her methodology I have already experienced change in ways that I didn’t anticipate or understand before going through the program.

One of the first insights I’ve learned from Amy is the power of the stories we tell ourselves.   We all have our stories for how we got to where we are and what is holding us back from living a life that is more fulfilling and authentic to our true selves.  The story is not the linear one that we share in resumes and first encounters with strangers.  They include the stories about being “too anxious of a person to be successful,” “that everything in life comes at a price,” “that I could never find another job/home/relationship,” etc.  The stories are our underlying beliefs about how life works and why the current cards in our deck are what they are.

These stories create barriers and engender confusion.  We get all caught up in our own thinking and start to believe that if we denied these “true” beliefs and stories we would be operating against reality, a worthless endeavor.

One of my beliefs I challenged in the past few weeks, is the belief that I have too much on my plate and can’t pursue the interest of getting more involved in following my dream of owning my own business one day.

The opportunity knocked a few weeks ago when I attended a Wildtree learning event with a friend who is a representative for the company and fell in love again with their organic food products.  I’ve used their products in the past and have always loved them and wanted to learn more.  As I learned more about the company and the success of the representatives that sold their product my negative beliefs started to seep in.  These ladies are successful because they are more persuasive, have more contacts, have more…. (insert additional qualities here).

Moreover, do I really have time to do this?  I love the product, but can I sell it?  Would my friends be into it? Thoughts…thoughts…thoughts…confusion.

Learning my lesson about the power of thoughts, I went with my gut and joined the team.  I love learning more about nutrition, finding ways to flavor food without MSG & artificial flavors and getting friends together for parties.  What do I have to lose, being vulnerable, taking a chance, looking like a pushy friend?  What do I have to gain, new friends, opportunities, meal ideas and much more.

This weekend I’ll launch my Wildtree business and work toward a goal I’ve been thinking about for years.  I’ll also have more opportunities to challenge my beliefs and relish in unknown territory that goes beyond my thoughts 🙂

As I continue on my journey in developing my life coaching skills, I’ll share more insights on how to use the principles of life coaching to create your best life.  As you reflect on this update, my questions for you are: what story are you telling yourself about your current situation, is it helping or hurting you?  What if you changed the story?  What could be possible in your life?