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Tools to help you save time, money and resources!

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As a business owner or busy person on the move, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal.  This week I am sharing my top 9 tools for saving money, staying connected and in general kicking ass:)

First, it’s important to have cash in the bank to do what you love and build your empire.

My favorite apps/sites for this are:

  1. The Raise App: On this app you can buy and sell gift cards from almost any retailer you shop at.  Many of the gift cards are delivered to your app wallet and are available for you to immediately use.  The App also provides a running tally of how much you have saved to date.  Since I started using the app a little over a year ago, I saved $537—it really adds up when you are able to use it in restaurants, for groceries and/or gifts.  Click here to get started.
  2. The Ibotta App: This app is fantastic for getting rebates back for everyday purchases and for beer and wine:).  All you need to do to use this App is scroll through the available offers at the store you plan to shop at and then take a poll or watch a video for the rebate.  Once you purchase the items, you scan their upc and your receipt and then the rebates are in your wallet within a day.  They also track your rebates, in the last 16 months I have been able to earn $216 back.  Click here to get started.
  3. Mr Rebates.com: This isn’t an app, rather a website. On this site, you find your favorite retailers, click on their link and then purchase from their site and get a rebate back, just for initiating the purchase with Mr. Rebates.  There is a very long list of online retailers to gain rebates back with, my most common purchase rebates come from Priceline.com, Amazon.com and Orbitz.com. Want to get started?

Second, if you are a business owner or like to share a lot on Social Media, you must consider these apps/sites:

  1. IFTTT-This is an amazing site where you can set “recipes” for your social media posts. Net, IF you post on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/etc. THEN THIS will happen.  I myself post on Instagram a lot, so I have a recipe in IFTTT, to also post the Instagram shot on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.  There are so many recipes out there to maximize your posts—I encourage you to explore the site and see what makes the most sense for your social strategy.
  2. Pexels-If you are a blogger or need pictures for a work project, the best site I’ve found for free pictures online is Pexels. Essentially, digital photographers upload their pictures here for free use or donations.  They are building their portfolio of work and posting to other paid picture sites.  Pexels gives them exposure and you great pictures!
  3. Object Debugger- This tip is random, but if you are attempting to share a post on Facebook with a picture and the picture is not showing up, you most likely need to “debug” the picture so Facebook can get the photo right without an issue. I have used this link, many times, avoiding frustration and creating awesome posts.

Lastly, these are misc. apps/sites I use to learn and expand my exposure to new ideas.

  1. Money Mustache-My favorite site of all time. This man is a genius in Personal Finance and in Doing-it-Yourself.  On his site he shares easy investment strategies, how to manage your utility costs more efficiently and how to be incredibly mindful about making your money work for you.  He is one of the best financial bloggers out there!
  2. Vanguard.comThe #1 low cost site to start saving and making your money work for you. You can get started with Vanguard with just $1000 in their STAR fund, which has yielded 9.44% since 1985.  At $3,000 a lot more options become available to enable you to balance your portfolio with bonds, stocks and sector funds.
  3. Meetup.com (app/site)-I share this site as a way to find like-minded people or if you are an entrepreneur, to find others on your same journey (in-person). Exposing yourself to new people and ideas is often the missing element in having break through ideas and finding collaborators to activate with.   There are a lot of networking groups out there as well, but many have an associated fee.  If you are looking to expand your circle and mind without another fee based network, start here!

Hopefully this list sparked a new idea for you to save time, money or expand you mind.  Try something new this weekend and report back with your results!