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Time v. Money, what’s it worth to you?

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As a money coach I devote a lot of time speaking to people about where they spend their money and how it connects to their deepest values.  I often spend so much time talking about money I forget to touch on the subject of time.

As we all know, time is very precious.  Yet, often we treat it as much more of a commodity than money.  We toss it around without intent, assuming that we will always have many more tomorrows.

We try to do it all in the time we have, the grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, child rearing, business building etc. not wanting to spend our precious dollars on something we could just give our time to instead.

I wanted to write about “time” because I myself have been struggling with time as of late.  I have much more of it than I had when I worked in corporate America, but I feel as though it flies by a lot faster than it ever did when I had less.

As an entrepreneur there are one million ways to grow your business, but all require time, focus and commitment.   You simply have to stay committed to one methodology long enough to see it through and know it’s worth.

The catch 22 is as an entrepreneur starting a business is that you most likely are not at your peak in the “earnings” department.  So you take on as much housework as you can and use as many free resources as possible to make ends meet.

This then begins a cycle of overwhelm and lack of enjoyment in the process of becoming an entrepreneur.

I know, because I’ve been there.  As an example, I’ve been attending networking events for the last three months with the intent of building exposure and relationships.  Before yesterday I did not commit to an organization and felt as though my efforts were haphazard and without genuine focus.

Yesterday, as I sat at a table with a group of wonderful women, sharing our stories and businesses, I couldn’t imagine starting at yet another group and putting in more time to find the perfect match.  I knew I needed a network of like-minded individuals and it was time to commit, despite the financial obligation it presented.

The time required to find the exact match vs. committing to the current opportunity to develop existing relationships and grow where I felt there was an opportunity to be planted, was outweighing the cost of committing to the organization.

There are times to search and learn and then there are times to choose and blossom.  When we stay stuck in searching and learning too long, without committing, we lose valuable time to blossom and invest into building strong roots in an endeavor.

Time is extremely valuable when we decide to commit, focus and build.  Without these factors we let the whims of the world decide where our destinies lead us.

We are in a dance with the universe and it is expecting us to take the lead to show it what we desire and how it can enable us to get there.  As we take the lead and guide the universe to what we want, we find support in ways we could have never imagined.

The support is subtle and can often be mitigated by our own over analyzing brains, convincing us that this isn’t “exactly” right, so I should wait to choose later.  In the waiting there is also a subtle cost to be paid.  It is up to us to determine when we have paid enough time to waiting and are ready to commit to a decision.

This week I encourage you to take a look at your weekly schedule and ask yourself where you are procrastinating making a decision that is beginning to cost you more time than you are willing to pay for.

How will you reallocate that time if you have it back?  What unfilled desire do you have waiting to benefit from that time?