Thoughts on Worthiness and Being

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Lately I have been thinking a lot about human being’s connection to their internal worthiness.  In a culture of competition and continuous measuring of success and failure, it feels as though one is not worthy unless your scale tips heavily toward success and only minimally by failure.  If this weights and balances isn’t enough, there is also a point system attached to everything we do, called “collecting dollars.”  If you collect fewer dollars for your success than I do, then I am by default more successful than you.

This an extremely easy way to measure value because it is numeric, thereby black and white, yet it is extremely limited in its ability to measure human worthiness and success.  First of all, the fact that you are here on this earth and currently experiencing life provides you intrinsically with all the worthiness you will ever need.  Secondly, you (out of billions of options) were chosen as a fellow creator to come to this earth, at this time, to share in the experience of giving and receiving as well as exploring the world.

While you are here you will be able to choose how you contribute to this world and for a long time the only contribution you are expected to make is the love you give to others and the enthusiasm you bring to this world.  As time moves on, a lot more focus will be put on what you are contributing to the world, given the knowledge you have obtained and the skills you learned.  Often this transition will feel very serious and urgent.  This is due to the measurement system you are now becoming a part of.

Others will want certainty and security for you.  These feelings are very well meaning, but they also close you to all the possibilities that life has to offer.  If you aren’t careful you will start to judge yourself and others by their ability to maximize success and collect dollars, rather than if they are living to their fullest potential.   Alas, you will ask “what does it mean to live to your fullest potential?”—you may ask this in your teens or fifties, depending on your level of awareness.

To this question there will not be a perfect response and that is what will prompt you to learn more about this world you live in and WHO you really are.  The most recent definition of success I have encountered is from Eckhart Tolle, success is: having a sense of quality in what you do, requiring care and attention; being content with the process of creation and detached from the outcome of the activity.  Moreover, success is obtained moment by moment; no one can be deemed a forever success or failure.

This definition leads me to believe that our goal should not so much be to become successful, but rather to find what you intrinsically enjoy, get lost in, while benefiting the world.  This goal of course needs to be balanced with our innate worthiness that should lend itself to peace in times of not “acting.”

You are not a machine that needs to continue to validate its existence in order to be worthy.  You are a slice of awareness in this expanding universe.  You are able to choose your own adventure, taking advantage of all the variety life has to offer.  Animals never question their worth, yet we as humans do because there is always something more we “think” we should be doing to be more successful.  Success is elusive, but peace and “being” is yours to enjoy today as you journey toward becoming your own unique expression and becoming increasingly aware of just how amazing it is to just “be.”