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Often times it’s easy to daydream about different scenarios in our life, to fantasize about living on an island, having a job we love or being able to take the vacation of a life time.  With the New Year coming upon us, the imagined attainment of our heart’s deepest desires comes even closer as we sense a new beginning, a new us.

It was about eight Christmases ago that I found myself wandering around online looking at life coaching programs.  I grew really excited thinking about all the material I would learn and how I could help people with it.  I started writing a to-do list of things I would accomplish once the holidays were over to make my dream a reality.  Then I got back into the busy job I had at that time, as well as the workout routine and social calendar, pushing the to-do list to the side.

My desire was there, but it wasn’t strong enough to truly figure out “the How.”  Looking back, it’s clear to see that I didn’t believe I was ready to figure it out at that time.  Yet, when are we really ready?  Years later I discovered it is when the suffering of staying in place is too great to overcome the benefits of staying there.

Flashback to 2010, I’m sitting in a large meeting room with a marketing and R&D team brainstorming ideas to make the next diaper, amazing.  I have my “HR” hat on and my task is to ensure that the team is as effective as possible, meeting their objectives and utilizing human resources as productively as possible while doing so.

My mind drifts, I notice that the R&D leader looks really tired as she mentions how she worked at her son’s basketball game last night.  I sense tension in the Designer sitting next to me, she just moved to Cincinnati and is thinking about starting a family, but isn’t sure how, given her 60+ hour work week.  Then I look across the table and feel the intense engagement of a Market Researcher as he talks about consumer trials in Asia next year, I wonder what makes him so excited about diapers after working in the business over 4 years.

I want to know everyone’s story, I want to help them find answers and more life fulfillment as well as understand how the Market Researcher stays so engaged and excited about his work, to teach others how to connect to their passions.

Then it hits me, this dream of being a life coach; of helping people attain their daydreams, break through their own barriers and identify “the how,” is with me so strongly, I can’t move forward with life without identifying MY HOW.

Finding that HOW, was the tricky part.  It didn’t come to me quickly—yet, what I did know was that I had to take inventory of my current resources, looking at: Finances, My Capabilities/Experience and Relationships/Partnerships.

I touched on the financial component in the “What is Life Coaching” post.  Overall, I got extremely clear on what spending was connected to my purpose and what was peripheral.  I read and executed the financial strategies of Mr. Money Mustache, the Frugalwoods and the Financial Samurai (among many others).

From a Capabilities/Experience standpoint, I felt good about the career track I was currently on.  It allowed me to coach people on their careers and to train employees on professional development.  Nevertheless, this was only about 25% of my job and I was limited to the “job/career” box.  I knew I had to attain specific life coaching training as well as more life experience in HR to be able to better understand how to help others identify and obtain dream careers and lives.

Finally, I took stock on the Relationships/Partnerships piece.  I became friends with other life coaches, I contributed at work as best as possible to gain positive references and finally I reflected on how to best balance the needs of my most important relationship, with my husband.

I’ve come a long way, but now face another HOW question.  How do I connect to more people to share life coaching resources?  How do I do this in a way that feels authentic and of highest service?  I trust the answers will come in time, with patience and diligence.

I share these examples to help you take inventory in your own life to determine your own “HOW.”

As we enter a new year, what is your dream?  Would you love to find a new job, create a healthier you, go on your dream trip etc.?  Is so, it’s time to take stock and figure out your HOW.  If you need help, you know where to find me;).