Journeying From Cubical Nation to the You Economy

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In the quest to take control of their lives and have a creative touch on the work they contribute, many people are marching toward self-employment in greater numbers than ever before. That said, Economists are taking note, recently publishing in Success Magazine, the strong trend toward the You Economy, which serves to more efficiently align […]


The Path to Your Best Financial Life

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What does it mean to you to arrive at your best financial life?  Culturally in the United States the common preconception is whoever has “the most” is in the best financial position.  Exemplified by our choice of political leaders (ahem, Trump), right down to how we choose our college majors and help our children do […]


Designing a Life You Love

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When I decided to become a life coach my intention was to support others in living their lives authentically and in alignment with their values.  My goal was to provide clarity and empowerment to people, leading the way to their own creation of lifestyles they loved, while uniquely contributing to the world. My passion for […]

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Are You Ready for Your Next Transition?

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions, specifically how the emotional, physical and mental time they take can’t be fully anticipated before you are actually on the other side of the transition.  We all wish we knew exactly what the other side of our decisions looked like—what can we expect, how much time each […]

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2016 Goal Check-in

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What do you want more than anything that you are willing to give up a lower natured gratification for now, in service to a higher natured desire later? ~Bob Proctor Now that we are well into the new year, with two months down–>it’s time to check in with how you are working against the goals […]


Why I Suck at Sports

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Our brains operate with 2 structures, a “top-down” higher brain and a “bottom-up” lower brain.  The higher brain is responsible for our logical thinking, planning, decision making and critical thinking.  The lower brain is responsible for our automatic responses, protecting us and ensuring our brain is operating efficiently.  I have referenced these 2 areas of […]