A year of Lessons in Entrepreneurship

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Happy Holidays Beyond Belief Barriers Readers! It’s been a wild 2016 here at Beyond Belief Barriers Coaching.  It started out diving into my life coaching business full time, concentrating in leveraging mindfulness, simplicity and money to help readers and clients achieve their goals and built upon that with consulting small businesses and up-incoming coaches to create […]

living beyond fear

The Paradox of Fear

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We all know that fear is the one thing that holds us back from having the lives we envision and realizing our goals.  Yet, in the face of fear, we often cower away from it, doing everything we can to avoid it, lessen it or remove it completely from our lives. The paradox is that […]


RICH Habits Unveiled

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Every day we are challenged to make decisions that either serve our goals or work against them.  We want to do the right thing, but often our impulses get the best of us and we make a decision that doesn’t serve us.  The challenge is that we allow ourselves to choose everyday instead of putting […]


Flexing with Fear and Trust

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Coming back from the Martha Beck retreat and reviewing my notes I realized a lot was covered in a little period of time.  At the conference Martha shared her current work with integrity, went more deeply into examples about Byron Katie’s “the work” and had us all rolling with laughter as she used humor to […]

Santa B

The Magic of Financial Creativity

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After three months of learning, scheming and connecting to my area of expertise as a coach, it’s time to take a break and connect back to where my initial inspiration to follow this path came from, California.  Today I’m headed to Santa Barbara to walk by the ocean for a few days, collect my thoughts […]