STOP Listening to the “voice” and Live Abundantly

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It’s summertime again, time to rest, relax and rejuvenate your soul with endless sun and lazy days.  Well it hasn’t exactly been ‘endless sun’ here in the great city of Cincinnati, rather a mix of ongoing rain with some sun dispersed in to appear like we are having a summer.  The gift of all this rain has served to remind me of all the abundance there is in this world and how there is always a positive side to the ostensibly negative.

After a beautiful trip to Wisconsin, I came home to these lovelies, 2 huge zucchinis and a cucumber.  These zucchinis were nowhere to be found before we left for 10 days and now…bam…they’re huge.  With them, I made a zucchini-feta egg bake, muffins and countless side salads.  I felt like I was swimming in shredded zucchini.  Coupled with that I had peaches and pounds of rhubarb to work through, given to me by my parents.   More desserts, freezing and managing of produce.

The abundant zucchini plant’s blessings:)

I find it amazing that you can plant one little seed and see so much growth in less than a few months.  I know this isn’t new news, it happens every day.  You just don’t get to experience the process unless you plant something on your own.  With just a little love and care and a lot of help from Mother Nature, blessings come your way.

Abundance is all around us, yet we are plagued by so many thoughts of scarcity each day.  I believe this is because we feel like we have to do it all on our own, we don’t truly trust the universe and what it will provide or ourselves to be able to navigate the world to get what we need and enjoy the process.  So we push and pull our way through life, exerting the most effort possible to get what we want and then often, after all that effort, feel even more lost than where we were when we started.

I have this belief because it has always been my way, it’s a struggle, but it works at times.  However, as I learn to let go and let the universe “do its thing,” so much more ease shows up than I thought.  Diving deeper into the book The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection, by Michael Singer, I begin to understand why this is the case.  When we resist what life is giving us, we create more mental obstacles to obtain true peace.

Acceptance of what is can be difficult, but if you practice letting the seemingly bad thing flow through you and NOT let it take camp in your brain, you will swiftly find peace and understand why this particular event showed up in your life.

In the Surrender Experiment Michael explains that it is difficult to let things pass through us because of the forever pestering “voice.”  You know the one, the persistent talker who tells you “but…that’s not fair,” “just my luck,” “he always does this to me,” …“how dare she?”  The voice wants to protect you from hardship, ego slams and discomfort.  What it does instead, facilitated by your focus, is steal your mind from flowing along with the rhythm of life.

Instead of being content enjoying your dinner, night time hobbies or a phone call with a friend, you’re listening to that voice—the voice is telling you that you must ACT NOW to make things right.  When in the grip of the voice you act, put forth effort and make change happen.

Does this get you what you want?  If it does or doesn’t you’ve already paid a high price, your peace and time for however long you were in the grip of the voice.  You could have let it go, enjoyed the time and let the universe sort things out.

Relinquishing control over the universe is very difficult, hence why we need to learn our lesson to do so over and over.  When we become gracious observers of the universe’s bounty and see that we are taken care of regardless of our force of influence on life—we will be amazed at how easy things are.

Meditation for most is so difficult because it involves giving up precious productive time to manipulate the universe and instead letting go and turning off the voice.  Yet meditation is one of the best ways to calm your body, find peace and connect to the universal power that feeds all things.

This weekend find time to let go of the “voice” and let the universe be as it is.  One small step toward letting go and opening yourself up to what is may just make the difference of living an abundant life rather than a tired existence.

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