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Moving Beyond Negative Money Beliefs

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One of the primary beliefs that hold most of us back in life surrounds money.  I am absolutely no stranger to creating limiting money barriers around my life; in fact I think my dis-empowering beliefs are the number one factor in stealing joy from my life.  Yet the universe has an interesting way of putting things in your life that question your beliefs in order to create the person you are meant to be, reminding you that only your beliefs are standing in the way of your BEST LIFE.

Last week Friday as Ryan and I prepared for our Friday date night, we received some great news that he made it into Summer Fair Cincinnati art show this year and final approval to move forward on the biggest commission project he has ever earned.  As we sipped our first drink of the night in celebration, I honestly sat in awe of the man that my husband has become.  We met as young teenagers, me as the type A, straight A “goodie two shoes” and him as a regular in the principal’s office and target for our friendly Officer Al, in the high school parking lot.

Eighteen years have gone by since he first took me down country roads at 100 mph, me loving every minute of it.  Over the years, I have watched every penny and filled out every necessary form to ensure our lives moved forward in the right direction.  Ryan has often spent his last dime to buy me a gift I would never get myself and has spent endless money on new tools to create to his heart’s fullest extent.

Since he won an art competition in Minneapolis in 2007, he never stopped believing that he could build beautiful things that people would enjoy and pay him a fair price for.  At times the art shows we participate in have brought customers that have scoffed at his prices, which always made me think, yikes—we really need to lower your prices to move this stuff.  Sometimes Ryan would give into my fear and sell something at a price I knew resulted in him earning less than a few dollars an hour for his time.  I thought to myself, as is the life of an artist, yet as I looked at him from the corner of my eye I could see and actually feel the pain he felt letting go of a piece of himself at such a minuscule value placed on his contribution to this world.

Next week he heads to New York City to follow his dreams with his partner Matt Metzger and show their joint art at the Architectural Digest show, for thousands of people to see, enjoy and hopefully purchase.  The show could go one of many ways, resulting in simply a learning experience or a great deal of projects to sustain him and his partner’s business for years.  In his heart, I know he truly believes it will be the latter outcome and I love him for that element of genuine optimism he has in everything he does.

Before witnessing all the abundance that has entered our lives as we follow our hearts, I never truly believed that money could come into your life without hardship and toil at a job you don’t enjoy.  As I learn to release my limiting beliefs about money’s connection to hardship, it has entered our lives with greater ease and I have found much more peace overall.

That said I still have a deep respect for money as a tool to be used very consciously and in connection to your life’s purpose.  The change in my limiting beliefs has been that money has to come to you through drudgery.  The world we live in is too big and full of opportunities to limit us to this method of meeting our needs.  Opening yourself up to the possibilities of living a life you love inside of work and outside of work, is possible.  The road may meander, the fruits of your effort may not always be realized immediately, but it will come if you believe you are worthy of its grace in your life.

Where are your money beliefs limiting you?  Is there an area you can open up to change in that will allow its flow into your life by more enjoyable methods?  What may that enjoyable method be for you?

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