Moving Beyond Emotion and Taking Action

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Throughout my life coaching program, I was taught to connect to my feelings and my body to determine what actions to take in order to get closer to my personal truth.  I was told it so much so that each time I thought about taking action or about what direction my life was taking, I paused, felt and reflected on the action and whether or not it truly served me.

This process was helpful, however looking back I think I took it too far.  I already have a strong inclination to reflect and be intentional about how I spend my time.  The clearance to do it even more and really “feel” into it, may have cost me more opportunities for growth than I imagined.

It is possible to lean too much back into thinking, planning and strategizing.  It is action, then reflection, which will help you understand what will really work for you.

For example, as a service provider who builds relationships with people online, it’s imperative to have content to share.  People need to be able to get to know you, understand what you have to offer and apprehend how you take them from point A to point B to get results.

There are a lot of methods to producing content that connects with people: blogging, podcasting, public speaking, Facebook live, snapchat….the list goes on.  If you stop to think about which outlet will be the best for your business, you could swirl in your mind for days.  Instead I have found it best to try an outlet, track the results and then reflect on how it felt to create that material.

Can you continually get excited about writing?  Does appearing live in front of audiences scare or thrill you?  Do you love meeting people at events or networking to tell people about what you do?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, it’s time to start getting out there and taking notes.

Why take notes, because you can see your progress as you push yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone.  Moreover, you begin to see your patterns.  What works and what doesn’t.  What activities energize you and which ones don’t.

The trick throughout the process is to not make the results about “you.”  When I say about “you” I mean—don’t make the consequences of your content/interactions mean something more than progress in learning how to serve your customer.  During this process, you are a detective.  You are simply finding out what connects with others and what doesn’t.

Getting caught up in the “why didn’t they answer back?” “why didn’t they join my list, group, program etc.” is a losing game.  The great thing about creating your own business is that your success does not pivot on one or even a few people.  Remember when that one boss/manager/colleague didn’t like you?  This is NOTHING like that.  Every day you have an opportunity to wake up and create value for someone new.

The only limits that exist in entrepreneurship are those you create in your OWN mind.

The value you create will ebb and flow with what your tribe needs and how you develop as a person.  The books you read, the people you meet, the training you take and your own experiences are shaping you into exactly what others need.  The only way you can continue to grow is if you have faith in the fact that the process is making you stronger, enabling you to give your best to the people who need you.

Yes, take time to feel.  After you take action and can objectively look at the results of that action.  You now have the qualitative and quantitative data to course correct.  Each day presents an opportunity to be more effective than the last.

Each year is a gift of experience, life and lessons to change your direction in a better way to honor your life energy.  The more you are able to let go of guilt about missteps, the less negativity and resistance will enter your life.