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Lessons From 2015

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As 2015 wraps up and we prepare for 2016, it’s a great time to reflect on our progress this year and plan for what we want to realize in the next.   That said, I wanted to provide a wrap up of this year’s blog entries for those who may be new or interested in what the year of a burgeoning life coach looks like:)

Last year kicked off with insights into how to best handle the holidays, with less judgment, genuine connection and going with the flow of your energy.  When you’re with your friends and family, it can be a time of great pleasure, but it’s also important to consciously manage your emotions and the flow of activities to make the most of your time.

From there the emphasis moved to living your “right life” and finding your focus to intentionally create it.  I introduced Martha Beck’s inner lizard to demonstrate how much it can steal your joy and focus, when you listen to its reptilian song of fear, lack and catastrophe.

Ah, the lizard is back!!!
Ah, the lizard is back!!!

In February I finished Dr. Amy Johnson’s Life Coaching certification and explained how life coaching has changed since the ‘90s life wheel method to finding strong grounding in your internal life to see the external circumstances you desire.  Moreover, how powerful social bonds can support you in your grounding and impact your health and security as you take risks to experience more of life.

Speaking of risks, I got the chance to cold call customers in March and get the phone slammed down on me—how fun!  I shared how I didn’t make the pain around this “dirty.”  The clean pain of 90 seconds of embarrassment and some dejection passed by without the dirty pain of what this meant about “me” and my delicate ego.  Not holding onto that pain, allowed better thoughts to come into my mind around money, which manifested into my husband getting his largest commission contract to date and having success in NYC at the Architectural Digest Show.   Calm contentment will bring positive money outcomes, if not in your world—then possibly in a loved one’s.

After the monetary success we had, I was on a high and quickly fell back into the mouth of the lizard as I lost a night’s sleep opening the door while I was home alone and scaring myself to death that the “potentially deadly” neighbor was going to harm me.  Nevertheless, all was well and I was able to get back to challenging more outdated beliefs, with creativity and new financial life solutions beyond the corporate world.

Moving on to new conquests, I planted a garden this year, and learned the lifelong lesson to “not compare your beginning to someone’s middle.”  The zucchinis and tomatoes were beautiful, as for the rest of the seedlings…life lessons were learned.  Leading me to understand how meaningful little pattern changes and conscious choices can be when you take time to learn, grow and trust that the universe will honor the life energy you give to the world.

Zuchinnis as BIG as your head!

As the summer sailed by it provided opportunities to indulge in parties, cocktails and great conversation.  Needless to say, it caught up with me, but through fostering patience and kindness for myself, I was able to learn from the behavior rather than chastise myself for having fun.

Fall brought opportunities to be flexible with what the universe was presenting.  I traveled to San Francisco with my mom, given a work opportunity and to Italy with my husband.  Blunders and laughter ensued on both trips, providing many chances to be creative with the serendipitous moments each presented.

My favorite shot from the trip in Florence
My favorite shot from the trip in Florence

The biggest change of this year was leaving my corporate Human Resources job and starting Martha Beck Coach training.  The number one tool I have learned the most from to date is “The work,” which has helped me navigate my own negative thoughts about not working in a classic job.

Closing out the year, I shared lessons from meditation training and how to follow your curiosity into new activities, like Toastmasters for me:)  Moreover, I provided practical guidelines around how life coaching helps in several areas, such as “loving your body” and finding the “how” in getting what you want in 2016.

My hope is that you have found more courage to dream, try new things, challenge your thoughts and deeply explore what the world has in store for you in 2016.  Lessons will be learned, tests may come—but you have the power to manifest your best life when you’re open to the creativity and curiosity that lives inside of you.

Peace and love in 2016-Nicki