Letting go

Lean into the Discomfort to Find the Right Path

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As I sit out on my porch I can feel, hear and smell the onset of a new beginning of a season for all of life.  After experiencing one of the harshest winters in decades, the feeling of sun on your skin and the sounds of birds singing embodies a sort of rebirth that serves as catalyst of change to come.

This long weekend also brings back memories of visiting memorials as a child of the family members who of have passed on and recognizing those who fought passionately for our country and lost their lives in the process.  As we prepare for the rebirth of flowers, gardens and life itself, I find myself reflecting on the seasons of life and how fast time goes by.

My reflection gives birth to the importance of living consciously, intentionally going after what you want and actively working to create a life that is worth living today and tomorrow.  In theory this sounds like a no-brainer idea, know what you want and go after it with conviction.  In practice it is so much more difficult.

In light of Memorial Day and the recognition that this life too shall pass, I am taking a step back to think about what I really want from this journey and what direction I am taking.  Much of my efforts have been focused on building a strong financial foundation in the last five years, which has served to build security, but has also stripped my soul of creativity and deepening connections.

As art show season is upon us, I observe my husband connected to creative forces, building amazing sculptures and breaking through his own mental barriers to make his art masterfully come together, working toward his ultimate dream of one day pursuing artistry full time.  I feel like a total juxtaposition in the face of his creativity, overly operationalized and pragmatic; challenged to see outside of my world and beyond the barriers that withhold me.  This is why I have come to the realization that it’s time to live intentionally and work toward what I really want rather than being a product of what the system growing inside of my mind wants.

It’s time to start letting go and opening up to the possibilities that can be.  We grow so used to the comforts of our daily routines that we can’t see another way, a way around the obstructions, “the shoulds” and the expectations.  We become soldiers marching to the orders of the day, but not marching passionately, rather blindly and unquestioningly.  We find hiatuses from the marching, traveling here and there, drinking, eating or other escapes.  Yet we never give ourselves time to actually reflect on whether or not the trail we are marching down is still worth the prices we may to walk down it.

That being said, each day presents a new beginning to reinvent yourself and let go of the past that too many people believe defines them.  You are not you past or what other people think of you, you are the silent observer that truly knows whether or not you are headed in the right direction.  Nevertheless you will be challenged along the way of your journey by external forces that remind you that you either are or are not on the right path.  You can either resent these forces or you can accept that this is the universe’s way of telling you that things need to change.

This brings me to the famous quote by C. G. Jung “what you resist persists.”

If you want to live intentionally, you must lean into the discomfort of the challenges.  You cannot resent them for being in your life because they are the tools the universe is providing to chisel you into the masterpiece you are meant to be.  If you cave into the pressure of the tool or make the challenge make you feel less confident, you are not learning your lesson.  Life is one big educational experience, it isn’t meant to be perfect, but it is necessary to observe and learn.  If you continue to be unfulfilled or feel like life is a continuous struggle, the universe is telling you to put different intentions out there and grow to a new level of consciousness.

In the coming week take the universe’s lead and lean into the discomfort, do not fear it.  Remember that this is only a tool along the way to develop you into the unique expression you need to make in this lifetime.