Jump into the Adventure of Your Life

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On the road to becoming your best self there are many paths to take to realizing your potential and strength.

To truly grow and reach new levels of consciousness it is imperative that you continue to expose yourself to new experiences and trust that you can find the inner strength to stretch beyond what you thought was within your capacity.

Since growth is so vital to the human experience, we crave adventure.  We all seek it in different ways, moving across the country for school, running a marathon, becoming a parent, traveling and the list goes on.

Yet, many times we shy away from these experiences because we don’t trust ourselves or think that the resources will be there to pursue our particular adventure.

In the fear, lies a question.  What if you jumped into that experience before you felt confident?  Said another way, what if you need that experience to get to your next level of awareness to become the person you need to be?

Ken Iguanas, the author of “Walden on Wheels,” did the very thing everyone is terrified of.  He jumped before he had assurance in himself and found a sense of self reliance he never thought possible.

Most likely you haven’t heard of Ken, but you know someone like him.  Ken was twenty two when he graduated from college and had $32,000 in student loans.  Compared to others his age, this was nothing alarming.  To Ken it was an albatross that he felt completely disabled by.  He had majored in English and History, grooming himself for general office administration work without obtaining a graduate degree.

The thought of taking on more debt to work toward the next degree or of entering the office world at the young age of twenty two, were both crippling options to him.  Always average in school and life, Ken decided to go on an adventure to Alaska after graduating to expose him to a new way of living and to one of the last remaining “wild life” environments in the world.

He also remained laser focused on attacking the debt he had accrued.  Since his lodging and food were covered by the tourism company he worked for, he put nearly every dollar he earned for a year against his debt.

Along the way he hiked Blue Cloud Mountain, navigated Alaskan rafting, refurbished hotels and worked as a tour guide to show travelers Aurora Borealis.  In a year’s time he had cut his debt in half and prepared for a 2 month journey as a Yukon Voyageur.   He was anything but ordinary and had come to realize what he really wanted from life.

I share this story to demonstrate that although we all want to find our passion in life and work toward our greatest purpose; we don’t always give ourselves the time or experiences to really understand our individuality and passions.  Life marches forward quickly, requiring the mundane for bills to be paid, but it doesn’t have to flash by without you grabbing hold of it and taking a detour for adventure.

The adventure is different for everyone.  For Ken it was an Alaskan voyage and a test of his physical limits.  To instill confidence through a deep understanding of self-reliance, he needed that adventure before moving to his next step.

What is the adventure you need?  What have you not been exposed to, but pulled to?  Have you always wanted to take a sabbatical in Central America?  Write a book? Learn a new language?  If you feel a pull to it, jump.  It very well may be the step you need to take to reach even greater goals.  Whatever your adventure is, commit, experience and reflect on how it changes you.  The road to your goals and destiny may be rambling, so remain confident in your intuition, trusting that each step is pushing you to realize your full potential.

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