Planting seeds on the farm:)

Enjoying the Creation/”Farming” Process

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The snow has finally come to Cincinnati!  The ground is covered in a sparkly white blanket and it appears that everyone has gone into their own respective form of hibernation.  Paradoxically, I find myself focusing on farming this week.  Farming because of its simplicity as well as its ability to make the perfect metaphor for so many elements in our lives.

Residing in the Digital Age, we often forget the power of simplicity.  If my wi-fi is working slowly, I have zero tolerance—I will instantly pick up my i-phone, connect it to LTE and move on with my business until wi-fi catches up with the speed of life.  Yet, this wasn’t always the way human beings operated, there was a time when we waited by the phone to hear the latest updates from a friend, we paged through encyclopedias to find a fact and we chatted with our family through commercials to see our beloved sitcoms.

We also found farming a fulfilling way of life in that bygone era.  All of my grandparents farmed and from the stories they shared, there seemed to be a raw sense of satisfaction that closed each night on the farm and kept them going through the tougher times of little harvest.  There was a deep sense of trust that if they performed their daily activities, everything would be ok, even if the bounty wasn’t coming in as they expected.

Planting seeds on the farm:)
Planting seeds on the farm:)

Here comes the metaphor, I’ve been pondering: If my ancestors could continue to plant seeds, milk cows, bail hay and raise pigs/chickens etc. without always seeing the fruit of their labor, why do I lack patience when it comes to planting my own seeds into my business and/or life and waiting for them to sprout?

This question led me to create a list on how to enjoy the process of farming or “building my business”—my current farming endeavor.  I share this list with you as inspiration to enjoy whatever farming you may be involved in right now. When you think about your own farm—consider any goal you have that may not have a clear connection between effort and reward, yet inwardly you know if you do the work, you will reap your desired harvest.

How to Enjoy the Process of Farming:

  1. All we have is NOW. More inspiration, found from Eckhart Tolle
    • Ask yourself—Are you enjoying the process of your work toward your goal? Are you fully present in your actions or are you constantly focusing on the end goal or lack thereof.
  2. Let go of the drama and take whatever step you can in the NOW.
    • All you need to do is participate in this moment, deliver on its singular objective. If that goal is to lift weights, write a paper or watch your son, stay in that activity with joy.
  3. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s current destination.
    • We have all been working on our own personal “farms” for varying amounts of time. That means everyone’s harvest will look different and that you may have something to learn from a more developed “farm.” Respect your farm for what it has created, even if it is only a metaphorically small sprout.someone middle
  4. Plant a seed and walk away from it without attachment to the outcome.
    • This is a very challenging one for me personally, I’m used to earning the A and getting a paycheck. Nevertheless, not every activity you do in life will be immediately compensated.  There will be times when the payoff comes much later and in an unexpected way.  The universe rewards action, but sometimes has a mysterious way of remunerating it.
  5. Embrace the Challenges
    • Hardships are meant to strengthen your resilience, not break you. They test you to find a better way and allow you to find compassion for yourself and in turn others.  As you encounter setbacks are you hearing their message or are you resisting its delivery?

Do you have an undertaking that feels as though it may be a farm?  What tip from the above list can you integrate into your process that would be the most helpful?  How can you make it come alive in your daily activities to build the best?