Designing a Life You Love

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When I decided to become a life coach my intention was to support others in living their lives authentically and in alignment with their values.  My goal was to provide clarity and empowerment to people, leading the way to their own creation of lifestyles they loved, while uniquely contributing to the world.

My passion for this endeavor was fueled by my own feeling of a lack of freedom in my previous work life.  Each day walking into the same building, sitting in a cubicle or a meeting, my soul cried for self-expression, creation and flexibility.

Those around me appeared to be at peace with the environmental factors of their everyday life and the ability to contribute to a large enterprise in a meaningful way.  Constantly I wondered, why am I such an oddity, why can’t I just be happy with the gift of this job and the amazing lifestyle it affords me.

After the last six months of being in an entirely new environment, immersed in books learning about how to co-create meaningful lifestyles for myself and coach-ees, I finally get it.  Our chosen lifestyle designs are a source of our own self-expression.  Self-expression is as unique as the lines on our palms, yet in seeking safety and security we fall into lifestyles that suit others really well, but not our unique natures.

My entire life, up until this point, I had honored my need for security above all other values and levels of self-expression.  It served me very well and allowed me to purchase a home, have wonderful travel experiences and learn from highly educated people.

Lilies on my walk
Lilies on my walk

The values that were hidden in my heart that I am only now beginning to explore are freedom to live at my own pace, work with humor and self-expression and the ability to create.  Until I had the time to sit with myself in a quiet spot for a long period of time, I wasn’t able to articulate what really made me happy in a life style design.

The pace of the working world is fast, competitive and environmental factors influence our company lives, more than we can even comprehend.  Until we are able to get quiet, reflect and connect to our center of peace, we don’t really know what will make us uniquely content and fulfilled in this lifetime.

I believe this is why meditation is becoming increasingly more touted as an avenue to peace.  Our lives are so busy in a fury of details and managing responsibilities that we forget to ask ourselves, what is the meaning of all of this?  Is my chosen lifestyle still making me happy?

I travel at a much slower pace now that I operate my own business and decide how my days look.  My pace is unique to what I want out of life and how I want to contribute to society as a whole.  Yesterday in the middle of day, I was feeling a lack of energy so I took a 5 mile walk and actually stopped to smell these hydrangeas and lilies:)

Hydragengas on my walk
Hydragengas on my walk

My pace is not “the right” pace for all or any better than anyone else’s, but it feels really good to me.  After I took that walk, I was re-energized and ready to give it my all at an impromptu networking event.  Following the networking event, I came home and chatted with my hubby about our upcoming art show trip and beaded flowers.

This is my way, I enjoy having spurts of actions interspersed with times of connection, relaxation and reflection.  What is your way?

If your pace of life feels right and aligned with your values, wonderful—you got this!  If not, what part of your routine could you change to be in better alignment with your energy and unique values?   It may be as easy as incorporating an afternoon walk into your day or it may look like a total career shift.

Whatever it may be, give yourself the opportunity to explore change and find the unique pace and lifestyle design that works for you.