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Cutting out the Crap and Committing to Change

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Almost four years ago a great friend of mine told me that losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, was 80% diet and 20% exercise.  When I heard these words, I resisted them, I simply wouldn’t let them register into my consciousness.

At that time, I was more in love with cheese and doing what I felt right than hearing information that contradicted how I viewed the world.

Last week a health coach I have been working with, reiterated this point to me and I was SO ready to hear the message.  I knew that fact in the back of my brain, but it took 4 years of staying at the same weight (I didn’t want to be at) and endless 30 minute stints on an elliptical machine—with NO progress—to enable the words to sink in.

Change…it sucks sometimes; it really does feel better to stick with what we are doing despite receiving new information.  Yet, that feeling of comfort in staying in the same place, with the same results does NOT outweigh the benefits of change at a certain point.  That point is for you to determine, but at some point you need to let go of the comfort and take ACTION.

With mindset shifts, the action you take can be inspired.  This is the goal of coaching.  That being said, sometimes you just have to push yourself to see results before you want (because change sometimes sucks and never feels great the first time).

In the past week I have taken inspired action and forced action.  I hope that my examples serve as fuel for your own flavor of action.

First, the lovely inspired action.  My coach recommended I cut out wheat, thereby changing my bean quesadilla for lunch to a salad that has a nice blend of veggies, nuts, flavor and fat.  This was the result, it was so delicious to eat and the pine nuts allowed me to not even think about the lack of cheese on this salad (well…maybe at least a little less).

shrimp salad
shrimp salad

I also made quinoa for the first time.  For some reason I thought it would be more complicated than it is to cook.  It was actually easier and to my taste buds, more delicious than brown rice.  It took 15 minutes to cook a cup of quinoa (with 2 cups of water) and yielded 4 cups of cooked quinoa or enough for 4 meals, with toppings.

I created this wonderful quinoa bowl with the ingredients I had on hand (tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, Kalamata olives, roasted eggplant, evoo and Mediterranean seasoning).  The flavor this bowl packed, was AMAZING and seriously got me excited for how healthy I could eat and still enjoy the food.

quinoa Mediterranean salad
quinoa Mediterranean salad

Now for the forced action I took.  Previously, my exercise routine has consisted of 2-30 minute jogs, a 60-minute walk and a 30-minute elliptical routine each week, with a little weight lifting.   This has resulted in me being able to maintain my weight, but NEVER loss lbs.  With my coach’s guidance, I made the forced change of cutting out the elliptical and adding twice a week weight training and changed my jogs to interval training (3-minute walk; 2 minute run at 6 MPH).

Wow, I really hate that running part at the 4th or 5th interval…it kicks my butt and takes my cardio to a place I’ve never been.  Yet, sweet, sweet results showed this week and provided the motivation I needed to continue this “forced change.”

I finally cut out the comfortable crap of long jogs and elliptical jaunts with High Intensity Interval Training.  I didn’t have a mindset shift…but the fact that I saw results after years of stagnation…is enough motivation for me to continue this routine with a smile on my face despite the lack of comfort in my body.

Making change is a process of mindset shifts and forced action.  At time we are ready for change and at other times, we need to be pushed.  Where in your life could you give yourself a little push to move forward before you’re ready?  Remember that it may create discomfort today, but it may also provide the motivation in showing you results you have been waiting for.