Creating a Kinder World

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Realizing our potential shatters the paradigm of insignificance and leads to a further realization: everything matters; everything counts; everything affects everything else. ~Michael Berg

We all know that sometimes, we ourselves can be our worst enemies in being mentally cruel through putting ourselves down or not believing in our own abilities enough.  This only serves to weaken us through decreasing the vessel we have to accept grace into our lives.

Personally, I actively work on ensuring my thoughts are as positive about my own abilities as they can be because as soon as I start to doubt myself or capabilities, it only serves to weaken me.  In putting effort into believing in my total self and knowing that I can handle any curve ball that gets thrown at me either through my own abilities, leaning on others or finding an alternative resource, I have grown immensely.

Additionally, I have come to understand what makes me feel secure when I can’t find it in my own self confidence.  One example includes referencing a list I have of things I’ve overcome or accomplished when I thought there was no way out from underneath the rubble.  Another involves talking through past challenges I have overcome with my husband and friends, finding themes of strength and then reactivating those facilities of power I connected to before.

Being kind to yourself isn’t the only form of control you have over creating a kinder world.  You also have the power to be kinder to others, thereby relieving pressure from yourself to be perfect all the time.  Small acts of tenderness and generosity truly have a ripple effect through the entire world.

Recently I’ve observed a slowly declining amount of kindness around me.  It’s a subtle shift.  Examples include: people offering defensiveness, rather than understanding; people refusing to back down on being right rather than accepting that there may be another way and people not taking the time to really listen to the unique perspective that someone has to come to the table with.  Overall there is a lack of providing comfort, time and understanding to each other.

Life can get hectic and complicated, with many deadlines and expectations that we set for ourselves.  Given the confines of our own making we start to give others less time, understanding and listening.  In turn, we receive less of the kindness that makes us feel secure and safe.

There are many forces that serve to make us feel that life needs to be complicated and difficult, thereby exacerbating the demands on our time and the slow degeneration of kindness in our lives.

This is where the power of stepping back and understanding what is really most important to you comes in.  Where can you simplify your life to gain greater alignment to what you really want?  What can you cut out to give yourself back space to be kind and calm and offer that feeling to the world?  You have the power to make this world a more tender and comfortable place to be.  You are not insignificant, your actions yield results that impact the entire world.  The attitude and love you bring to work, to your family, to the world impacts the entire environment and creates ripples that change the way we all experience life.

Instead of committing your entire weekend to a list of tasks and perhaps one leisure activity, take time to reflect on the kindness you have in your life and how you can create more room for offering the world and yourself more tenderness and understanding.  Life can be very challenging and none of us know the battles our neighbors, friends and coworkers are facing; through offering more kindness and understanding to ourselves and others we can truly change the world to be a more comfortable, kind and giving place rather than increasingly more difficult.