walking away

Return to Innocence

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“Just look into your heart my friend that will be return to yourself, the return to innocence.” ~Engima This particular blog post has been begging to be written for a while, blocking the way of writing anything else that didn’t feel as personally meaningful.  It’s a post about discovering my authentic self and taking one […]


Grounding in Living a Life you Love

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“Spiritual energy is the one thing that never changes. While your brain and other organs evolve and age, and while what your brain produces—thought, feeling, sensory experience—is always ebbing and flowing, the formless spiritual energy that powers and creates all things is constant and unwavering.” ~Dr. Amy Johnson This past Friday I reached a milestone […]


Joy vs. Comfort

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When asked, “What do you want out of life?”  Most folks will answer that they want to live a long and increasingly comfortable life and enable that for their children. Reading this in Martha Beck’s Finding your Way in a Wild New World, I didn’t find it to be earth shattering news. Everything we seek […]