Journeying From Cubical Nation to the You Economy

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In the quest to take control of their lives and have a creative touch on the work they contribute, many people are marching toward self-employment in greater numbers than ever before. That said, Economists are taking note, recently publishing in Success Magazine, the strong trend toward the You Economy, which serves to more efficiently align […]


Indulging Without the Guilt

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It’s been a month since I last checked in with you wonderful blog readers, my hope is that this blog finds you enjoying summer as much as I am!  For the last month I have been preparing for travel, traveling and recovering from gallivanting around the Midwest. Being self-employed, I had the unique opportunity to take […]

the journey will show the way

The Journey will Show the Way

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For most of my life I have entangled life’s meaning and self-worth with what I did to earn a living.  I put a lot of pressure on my jobs and earnings to both compensate me for my effort and provide fulfillment. I’m not exactly sure where these beliefs came from, culture or upbringing, they are there and […]


Why I Suck at Sports

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Our brains operate with 2 structures, a “top-down” higher brain and a “bottom-up” lower brain.  The higher brain is responsible for our logical thinking, planning, decision making and critical thinking.  The lower brain is responsible for our automatic responses, protecting us and ensuring our brain is operating efficiently.  I have referenced these 2 areas of […]