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Are You Ready for Your Next Transition?

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions, specifically how the emotional, physical and mental time they take can’t be fully anticipated before you are actually on the other side of the transition.  We all wish we knew exactly what the other side of our decisions looked like—what can we expect, how much time each […]


RICH Habits Unveiled

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Every day we are challenged to make decisions that either serve our goals or work against them.  We want to do the right thing, but often our impulses get the best of us and we make a decision that doesn’t serve us.  The challenge is that we allow ourselves to choose everyday instead of putting […]

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2016 Goal Check-in

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What do you want more than anything that you are willing to give up a lower natured gratification for now, in service to a higher natured desire later? ~Bob Proctor Now that we are well into the new year, with two months down–>it’s time to check in with how you are working against the goals […]

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The How

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Often times it’s easy to daydream about different scenarios in our life, to fantasize about living on an island, having a job we love or being able to take the vacation of a life time.  With the New Year coming upon us, the imagined attainment of our heart’s deepest desires comes even closer as we […]


You Always Have a Choice

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This week I have been immersed in listening to “100 conversations for your soul” from the World Summit held by Hay House (register on the site to gain access).  It is an amazing congregation of authors, speakers and spiritual teachers that share powerful lessons on how to live more consciously and create increasingly meaningful lives.  […]