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2016 Goal Check-in

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What do you want more than anything that you are willing to give up a lower natured gratification for now, in service to a higher natured desire later? ~Bob Proctor Now that we are well into the new year, with two months down–>it’s time to check in with how you are working against the goals […]

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The How

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Often times it’s easy to daydream about different scenarios in our life, to fantasize about living on an island, having a job we love or being able to take the vacation of a life time.  With the New Year coming upon us, the imagined attainment of our heart’s deepest desires comes even closer as we […]


You Always Have a Choice

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This week I have been immersed in listening to “100 conversations for your soul” from the World Summit held by Hay House (register on the site to gain access).  It is an amazing congregation of authors, speakers and spiritual teachers that share powerful lessons on how to live more consciously and create increasingly meaningful lives.  […]

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Return to Innocence

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“Just look into your heart my friend that will be return to yourself, the return to innocence.” ~Engima This particular blog post has been begging to be written for a while, blocking the way of writing anything else that didn’t feel as personally meaningful.  It’s a post about discovering my authentic self and taking one […]


The Power of your Tribe

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All my life I have enjoyed the friendships I’ve shared with people traveling along my current path.  There have been school friends, neighbor friends, friends of friends that turned out to be even closer friends etc.  These people have shaped me in innumerable ways and co-created the person I am today. I value the relationship […]

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The Season of Clarity

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In a conversation today with a coworker the topic of the “winter doldrums” came up, in which my colleague shared, she was just “trying to get through the grayness to get to the beautiful spring days.”  I empathized with her, concurring that these gray cold days definitely put a damper on feeling enthusiastic about doing […]


Joy vs. Comfort

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When asked, “What do you want out of life?”  Most folks will answer that they want to live a long and increasingly comfortable life and enable that for their children. Reading this in Martha Beck’s Finding your Way in a Wild New World, I didn’t find it to be earth shattering news. Everything we seek […]