Loving yourself through being a hot mess

Making a Hot Mess of Life

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Last night I took time to watch the Grammy’s and really immerse myself in them.  Instead of having them on in the background, I watched with interest and observed all the human-ness the show had to offer. Often, we look at musical artists, perfectly polished in their overly marketed branding vehicles, designed to maximize profit […]


The Path to Your Best Financial Life

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What does it mean to you to arrive at your best financial life?  Culturally in the United States the common preconception is whoever has “the most” is in the best financial position.  Exemplified by our choice of political leaders (ahem, Trump), right down to how we choose our college majors and help our children do […]

the journey will show the way

The Journey will Show the Way

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For most of my life I have entangled life’s meaning and self-worth with what I did to earn a living.  I put a lot of pressure on my jobs and earnings to both compensate me for my effort and provide fulfillment. I’m not exactly sure where these beliefs came from, culture or upbringing, they are there and […]


Designing a Life You Love

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When I decided to become a life coach my intention was to support others in living their lives authentically and in alignment with their values.  My goal was to provide clarity and empowerment to people, leading the way to their own creation of lifestyles they loved, while uniquely contributing to the world. My passion for […]


Flexing with Fear and Trust

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Coming back from the Martha Beck retreat and reviewing my notes I realized a lot was covered in a little period of time.  At the conference Martha shared her current work with integrity, went more deeply into examples about Byron Katie’s “the work” and had us all rolling with laughter as she used humor to […]