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Can Selling Really be as Easy as Listening?

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As I work with my clients on building their businesses and developing lifestyles that have the freedom they crave as well as the opportunity to contribute their unique products/services, I find a recurring theme being presented, I felt called to write about.  What if I’m not good at selling what I have to offer to others?

What if I completely believe in what I have to offer, but they don’t buy it.  I know “it” will help my customers be able to have this or do this thing or experience safety/security.  Yet, I’m scared I can’t articulate the product/service to them in a way that they feel as passionate as I do about this amazing product/service.

What are we all afraid of in some way or form?

Rejection, when we present something to someone else and they are not interested in buying or taking it.  Many of us feel as though it’s a hit to our pride, a refusal of the very person we are and what we have to give to this world.

Yet, what if it isn’t about you at all? 

What if you were simply offering a friend a cocktail and they didn’t feel like it or had a specific reason why they couldn’t have it.  Would you feel terrible that they didn’t accept your invitation to give them something you believe is of high value—dirty martinis anyone?

No, you would feel absolutely fine.  Most likely you would go on to ask them what else they would like and leave it at that.  No stories of your incompetence, lack of persuasive communication skills or general inability to “make people fall in love with you,” would dance through your mind.

When you are selling something to anyone—it is ALL about THEM—and not about YOU.  You are providing them a chance to find a solution to their problem.  You may have the right or wrong solution, but you will not know until you take time to deeply LISTEN to them and understand what their obstacles are to having what they want.

Once you understand what stands between them and what they want, you can identify their points of PASSION or FEAR.  We all have these points, but they’re different depending upon our past and the unique struggles we are currently presented with.  As the person with a solution, if we assume we know the PASSION and FEAR points of our customers, we lose the chance to customize our solutions to their needs in a way that FEELS amazing to THEM.

If we can treat a sales conversation like a conversation with a friend, where we take time to really listen to them, share a genuine solution and then paint the picture of how incredible it would be to move beyond their problem area—would it feel like an insurmountable challenge to be able to sell?

We all feel amazing, when we are really heard and felt cared about.  It’s a basic human need that at times goes to the wayside in a world of smartphones and snapchat.  However, as salespeople we have the opportunity to give our customers a unique gift—the gift of seeking to understand them, to see them and their struggles and offer help and a vision for a better future.

We may not have the exact right product or service to offer them at the time, but at a minimum, if we give them the gift of our undivided attention and solutions, we gain the chance to have a new contact.  This new contact may be a friend, referral source or someone to share coffee and information with.  We will never know unless we take the time to LISTEN and help them FEEL what it could be like to move beyond their issue.

Of course, you could play it safe and not sell what you have to give, never needing to face rejection.  However, you would miss out on the opportunity to connect, help and amplify your circle of influence.

If you deeply believe that what you have to give is of high value to others, what is stopping you from having these conversations?  If you don’t believe in what you have to give, what could you learn, do or add to the value of your product or service that would help you feel more confident?

You have the power to have phenomenal conversations that change people’s lives.  The only thing stopping you are your answers to the above questions.