Loving yourself through being a hot mess

Making a Hot Mess of Life

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Last night I took time to watch the Grammy’s and really immerse myself in them.  Instead of having them on in the background, I watched with interest and observed all the human-ness the show had to offer. Often, we look at musical artists, perfectly polished in their overly marketed branding vehicles, designed to maximize profit […]


A year of Lessons in Entrepreneurship

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Happy Holidays Beyond Belief Barriers Readers! It’s been a wild 2016 here at Beyond Belief Barriers Coaching.  It started out diving into my life coaching business full time, concentrating in leveraging mindfulness, simplicity and money to help readers and clients achieve their goals and built upon that with consulting small businesses and up-incoming coaches to create […]


Journeying From Cubical Nation to the You Economy

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In the quest to take control of their lives and have a creative touch on the work they contribute, many people are marching toward self-employment in greater numbers than ever before. That said, Economists are taking note, recently publishing in Success Magazine, the strong trend toward the You Economy, which serves to more efficiently align […]