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Are You Wasting Time or Wasting Your Life?

Posted on Posted in Accountability, Clarity

This past holiday break I spent a lot of time recapping the year with friends and family.  We spoke about goals we set, actions we took and where we fell short or exceeded our own expectations.  It is interesting to step into the lives of others and understand what they really want from a year and from a lifetime of moments.

Many of those who shared their goals with me wanted to be in an intimate lifelong relationship.  Others wanted to leave a job that felt stifling or start a creative endeavor outside of work.

Although these goals seem unrelated, a common road block was shared in regard to putting energy into these respective goals, what if my effort toward this goal doesn’t result in x? (x= getting married, landing a great job or creating art others love).

What if I waste all this time on dating people I’m not sure I like, creating a resume that may not get noticed, developing a skill I find out I’m not great at?

Wouldn’t I just be better off putting my time, energy and resources into things I know will yield a result, from previous experience?

If you love your life exactly where you are and don’t want to change a thing or experience anything new, then by all means, letting this obstacle stop you is a perfect way to stay where you are. 

You may even get more of the same stuff you already have—more hours at the same job, more nights watching Netflix marathons or at bars within the current relationships you have and more time doing the same activities you have always done.

Accepting that you will continue to have the same results from the same actions is a completely fine route to take. 

But what if you don’t want to accept more of the same?  What if more of the same only yields wasted time…then wouldn’t you be wasting your life?  Your life, your one opportunity to explore this world and all it has to offer?

To love and receive love incredibly deeply?  To do work that offers self-expression and tangible results you feel great about? To create something that inspires others and holds a legacy for your own existence?

If you are going to take on the challenge of experiencing NEW things is life you may waste getting more of the same stuff you got before.  You may “waste” weekends learning a new skill, weeknights on dates that yield nothing but a polite handshake and countless fruitless interviews that make you feel rejected.

It may get ugly, it may not always be fun and you may lose money in the process. 

So the question becomes, are you willing to pay the cost of not always having fun or being in an ugly situation, to earn REAL CHANGE in your life?  You don’t have to answer this rhetorical question that will pop up every day.  Your life choices will answer it for you.

If you want to see results more quickly than observing your own actions, you can.  You can commit to change.  It will take action and it will take mindset shifts.  When the two go hand and hand they create a beautiful masterpiece of a new life lived, rather than wasted.

With another year in front of you, ask yourself:

  • Do I want more of the same or do I want something different?
  • If I want something different, am I will to accept the costs of not having more of the same in my life?
  • If you are willing to accept this cost, what new action are you going to take today, tomorrow and so on to start to see different results?
  • What support do you need in taking action on a daily basis?  A new planner, accountability coach, friend, inspiring book, etc.?

You hold the key to unlocking new frontiers in your world.  The key does come at a metaphorical cost of getting less of the same….it’s up to all of us to decide how to handle that cost.