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Are You Ready for Your Next Transition?

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions, specifically how the emotional, physical and mental time they take can’t be fully anticipated before you are actually on the other side of the transition.  We all wish we knew exactly what the other side of our decisions looked like—what can we expect, how much time each step will take and how it will feel to receive the positive consequences of our dreams.

Yet, if we knew at the onset of our decisions, everything it entailed to make a change—would we still pursue it?  We can only live in the NOW and if we overthink all the work needed to be done to make a longstanding change in our life, it can be overwhelming.

We have an incredible power in the NOW, to make small changes that can set us up for greater efficiencies in the future.  We don’t have to take on all the work that may be associated with the change we are going after.  Rather, thinking about today and what baby step you can take in a certain category of your life, can serve to reduce the emotional and mental time you expend in making a change.

Before I took the leap to become a life coach full time, there were many areas of my life that I optimized in preparation, without really having a master plan.  Looking back, I thank my previous self for committing to small steps that have made a huge difference in my life.

To help others get ready for transitions or optimize categories of their life, I am building a resources page with the tools I’ve used or helped clients with.  It will be a continuous repository for helpful items to create a more efficient life and grow in your courage to take a leap toward your dreams.

As an example, the first tool I included, is the meal planner tool.  It’s simple to use to organize your meals for the week.  I use it along with my local grocery store app, to first find the current deals and then with the website and/or Pinterest to plan out meals for the week.  Moreover, I have about 15 meals that are my go-to’s; I try to add one new one into the rotation every week or so.

When you are planning to start a new business or career, planning your nightly meals and saving money on groceries, should be on auto-pilot.  Yet, these activities can steal a ton of time from you, if you don’t have a game plan.

Another tool, that has helped many couples going through transitions together, is the intentional dialogue tool.  This tool helps couples get on the same page and align on goals for their family.  How—by listening to each other, mirroring back the “senders” communication and coming to mutual understanding of each person’s point of view.

In relationships, no one is either always right or wrong.  Yet, in arguments, often times we try to assert that our individual opinion is the RIGHT one.  This only results in hurt feelings and a lack of understanding between both parties.  Using the intentional dialogue process enables relationships to be partnerships where problems are voiced and solutions are mutually agreed to.

Think about the last time you had an argument with your spouse (or a colleague or friend).  If you would have intentionally taken the time to each talk and listen to the other person’s side and thought process behind their conclusions in their ENTIRETY, do you think the discussion would have gone differently?

Relationships can either serve to give you energy or deplete it.  Through using tools such as the intentional dialogue process you can start to build a strong foundation within your relationship and avoid frustration as new challenges are presented in making a transition.

Given how dynamic all of our lives are each day, it’s important to have processes in place that help clear the clutter of indecision and lack of family alignment.  I hope the meal planning and intentional dialogue tools help you along your journey.  I will be posting more tools, throughout the month.  If there is a certain category you would like to see, let me know.