Are you ready to see lasting change is your life? 

To meet the goals you have dreamed about, but weren’t sure where to start?

My name is Nicki Slattery and I am a wealth and business success coach, who helps people build the necessary foundational (word I made up) elements to leap from un-fulfilling/soul crushing work to work that lights their soul on FIRE.  I also help people transitioning in to online service-based business create business plans, practices and systems for success.

I believe that your life is a canvas awaiting your authentic expression.  Yet often we become fenced into life designs that are not conducive to our genuine happiness and fulfillment.  Adult life has a way of “should-ing” on your dreams and slowly stripping your authenticity away.

One of my favorite works of art

This is why my purpose is to help people move from the dreaming phase to the creating phase through developing focus and moving beyond belief barriers.

  • According to the 2013 Gallup Poll, 70% of Americans do not like their jobs and are disengaged on a daily basis. This is an incredibly sad fact for me to think about, when the world is full of opportunity and needs the gifts you have to give.

I know you have the power to transition into work you love and be the light the world needs.  You have a song you were meant to share with the world.  The only thing posing an obstacle is your personal story and beliefs.

Personal stories and dis-empowering beliefs can create other problems in our life that I also help people overcome through habit coaching.

Specifically, I help people develop healthy financial habits to build their nest-egg to leap into the unknown or make a life-time dream come true.

  • Unfortunately most people stay in a state of revolving debt and never realize their dream.  According to the Simple Dollar the average American has $7300 in revolving credit card debt.
  • This is NOT going to be you, you are going to make SH*T happen and make those dollars work for you!!!

You don’t have to stay stuck in a feeling of overwhelm, trying to figure out the next step to meet your goals.  I am here to help you.  I have helped countless women move to new careers, build business and overcome self-defeating habits surrounding personal finance.

I accomplish this through providing in-depth evaluations, 1:1 coaching, recap/accountability tracking and email coaching.  I use multiple touch points to ensure your goals are holistically evaluated, continually updated based on your unique needs and followed through on to reach your objectives.

I love working with people who are ready for change, committed to the actions it takes and open to questioning their own personal stories and beliefs.  People who are ready to move from FEAR to LOVE and trust that there is a better way and life for them through focused intention.

If you are looking for a coach who has walked the talk, I’m your coach.  Through using powerful personal finance habits and overcoming negative beliefs and my own personal story, I was able to leap for my dream job as a wellness & business success coach, with 10 years of living expenses saved up to follow my dream.  

I have 12 years of marketing and human resource experience coupled with a coaching certification from Dr. Amy Johnson, a Masters in H.R. and coursework at Martha Beck Coach training, to be completed in July 2016.

Personally, I have made huge strides in positively managing anxiety and weight challenges.  I accomplished this through learning as much as possible about the brain, our habits and positive psychology.

If you are interested in creating a livelihood you love or overcoming self-defeating habits, book a complimentary clarity call with me now!  It’s time for lasting change and a better life NOW.

My coaching, blogs, and social media presence are all about helping you create a livelihood you love and to overcome self-defeating habits.

More about me:

Wayne Dyer ignited my love for all things self-help 13 years ago when I was in a job I really didn’t love.  Since finding Wayne, I have fallen in love with a number of other authors, including Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and Martha Beck. nicki

My favorite thing to do is sit down with a great book and a cup of tea, contemplating life’s mysteries.  When I’m not contemplating, you can find me socializing with great friends, at an art show or hanging out with my wonderful husband.  My husband and I own a metal art business, Slattery’s Creations, I have learned a great deal from.  I really do believe thoughts become things and am continually amazed by the manifesting power I see within my friends and clients.






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