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Welcome to Breaking Beyond Barriers

For too long I have observed others and myself fenced into life designs that were not conducive to their genuine happiness or expressing their authentic self.  In the past ten years, since graduating college, I have actively worked to design a life that met both my professional goals as well as my need for overall self fulfillment.  Along the way I have learned a lot from mentors, amazing authors/bloggers, friends and many other resources.  This enabled me to take leaps of faith to change my life in a direction toward increasing fulfillment as well as exposing me to challenges I never thought I would be able to conquer.

By way of this blog I want to provide inspiration to help you design a life you enjoy living by actively learning from the resources I explore.   Through my professional life as a Human Resource Manager, I hope to help you discover how to leverage the skills and experiences you have to reach more career fulfillment.  In my personal journey toward increasing the authenticity of my life and working toward greater self fulfillment, my intention is to share strategies and knowledge to help you build a life that increases your overall happiness.

A brief introduction to my story:

I live in southern Ohio and am currently a Human Resource Manager at a consumer product goods company.  I am originally from Wisconsin and have moved around the Midwest on my journey to find a career that I found fulfilling.  I am married to a wonderful husband, who brightens each day for me and encourages me to follow my heart.  My husband also owns a small business in Metal artistry that enables us both to work our entrepreneurial muscles.

I attended the University of Wisconsin for my undergrad, receiving a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Management.  Following the completion of my degree I moved to Minneapolis, MN to start a sales role in the tobacco industry.  I learned a ton from this position, but also discovered how challenging it was to work in an industry that did not feel good about.  With the help and coaching of a great friend, another door opened for me at a retailer in merchandise purchasing and planning.  I worked at this retailer for three years, learning a lot about how to run a profitable business and navigate the corporate world.

After a few years in the retail industry, I once again found myself at a crossroads.  I enjoyed the businesses I worked on, but found myself wanting to have more of a personal impact on the people I worked with.  Through mentoring and coaching others I learned that my heart was with people development, so I began to explore my options.  This period of exploration exposed me to many resources, the most memorable being a terrific life coach.

The life coach I worked with helped me define the next steps on my path, the resources I needed to activate my plan and the “belief barriers” that were standing in my way, alas the intention behind the title of this blog.  At the time, there were so many things I thought I “should do” or “could not” afford or “might be” obstacles to what I wanted to do.  The life coach I worked with helped me understand that only I was creating these road blocks and that if I could transcend them I would indeed reach my goals.

In response, I took a leap; I decided to apply for full time graduate programs in human resources, rather than working and going to school.  This was one of the best decisions of my life.  The universe provided the resources I needed to succeed and I had an amazing experience obtaining my Masters in Human Resources, followed by securing a role as an Associate Human Resource Manager at a terrific company.

I have been in a Human Resource Management role for five years now and still find myself wanting to go beyond the belief barriers that keep me blocked in my journey toward peace, self fulfillment and contributing to the world at my highest level.  This is why I want to give back through this blog.  I believe we are all connected and only through sharing and genuinely caring about others can we realize our highest potential.

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  1. Congrats on officially kicking this off! Can’t wait to read each and every article. So proud of you!!

  2. Ok, all I’ve read is the ‘About me and this blog’ section and you’ve given me a nugget to think about — I love the term ‘belief barriers’ — this is something I’ve been wrestling with – so it is nice to have a term to go along with it. I’m excited that you have had ‘lift-off’ to this blog! I’ll be reading! Congrats!

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