A year of Lessons in Entrepreneurship

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Happy Holidays Beyond Belief Barriers Readers!

It’s been a wild 2016 here at Beyond Belief Barriers Coaching.  It started out diving into my life coaching business full time, concentrating in leveraging mindfulness, simplicity and money to help readers and clients achieve their goals and built upon that with consulting small businesses and up-incoming coaches to create their own practices.

As an entrepreneur, changing and adding new directions, is definitely par for the course when developing your own business.  Yet, as a person who was absolutely new to being a full-time freelancer, it took a lot of getting used to.

Looking back I have 10 tips I wanted to share with you about the experience to equip you for your own journey and hopefully avoid the potential potholes I fell into:

  1. Track your activities and decipher how well they connect with your audience. How you specifically build your business will be determined along the way.  At its beginning not all the steps will be laid out, you will learn and you will find your way, if you commit to having an open mind.  Look to others who have been down this road before, but also learn what you are naturally good at and build upon those skills.
  2. Give things time, but also be willing to walk away from an idea that hasn’t proved to be helpful in your client’s world.  Entrepreneurship is a series of trial and errors, set parameters for yourself in regard to how long to give a new trial to validate it’s success and take note of the lessons you learn from your errors.
  3. Speak to other people about how they started and where they ended up, given their unique client’s needs.  This will provide reassurance that the road is not straight and insight into how they successfully made changes.
  4. Selling is a skill all entrepreneurs need to develop every day.  It doesn’t come natural to most, but yet it’s one of the oldest skill sets known to man.  The power to influence, to show people how their lives could be better with x, y or z doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it can be as easy as simply listening and having deep empathy for what your clients need.
  5. Take a financial inventory of your efforts vs. rewards each quarter, understand that in your first few years of business effort may outweigh reward, but this will not last forever.
  6. Build a network and give as much to it as you can.  As a business owner you sometimes find yourself lonelier than when you worked in a traditional office.  Great energy is found in developing relationships outside of your clients, to breathe life into your day and business. By giving as much as you can to others, you set the law of karma into effect and start to see its results quickly.
  7. As an entrepreneur a lot of new tools will come across your desk, schedule time to learn and implement them, take your time in jumping into a new tool to avoid technical overwhelm.
    • My favorite new tools I stared using this year were: Mail Chimp-for email communication to lists, Webinar Ally-for hosting webinars on your site, IFTTT-for posting to multiple social media sites at once and Pic Monkey for creating graphics with text, curtailed to the size you need. A tool I didn’t use as much as I probably should have, Lead Pages.
  8. Your business is your ball of clay, you choose how to mold it and define what it means to you.  You may follow your dream and find it’s fulfillment beautifully intertwined in serving the needs of others, you may also find the opposite to be true.
  9. It is true that your mindset will make or break your success as an entrepreneur.  If you do not do work on your self-defeating thoughts, they will inhibit you from taking chances, putting in more effort and speaking confidently about the work you do and how it provides amazing value to the people you serve.  Any effort we take in life is not an all or nothing proposition, you will learn, you will change and I promise you will never look at the world the same.  Moving from employee to owner of your destiny and business provides a perspective, only those who have walked the road can understand.
  10. Even though you will want to control as much as you can, in doing so you will become exhausted.  You need to trust yourself and the process.  You are surrendering to a journey that is bigger than yourself, all you can do is take action day by day, without questioning the value of your journey.

My hope is that these lessons have provided insight and potential direction for your own journey as an entrepreneur or an individual creating intentional positive change in their life.

Wishing you all the best this holiday and as always!