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A new chapter toward fulfillment

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The subject of human fulfillment and flourishing has been on my mind a lot lately.  It appears that all the books I’ve been drawn to, the people I’ve encountered and even my own day to day work is pushing me toward what fulfillment means for myself and others.

The most recent book I read that resonated with this topic is Finding Your Element, by Ken Robinson.  This book addresses the fact that many people lack meaning and purpose in their life.  The book’s content encourages the reader to explore their natural aptitudes and where they meet their personal passions.  It recognizes that people do their best when they are in their Element.  It also defines what “being in your Element feels like,” and when you know you have arrived.

Beyond this exploration the book delves into the many reasons why so many people have not found meaning and purpose in their lives.  Calling out the fears we all have, that following our passion will not put food on the table or will be scoffed at by family and friends.  Realizing these barriers, one must acknowledge that it will take a strong amount of determination, dedication and a keen sense of self-awareness to land in the promised land of greater self-fulfillment.

Several of the principles in this book were similar to others I had read in the past; however I particularly enjoyed its unique focus on understanding yourself outside of social constructs.  Too often we think who we are is the current “tribe” we hang out with or what we have been told is our persona based on the path set out for us from well-meaning parents and teachers.

Perhaps who we are is due to the fact that we exhibited early aptitudes toward a certain subject matter that appeared to be on a linear path to industrial employment and financial security.  Ken Robinson, world renowned author and educator, corroborates this in his lecture on this topic that educational systems have a way for prepping us for careers/personas that serve the needs of massive commercial interests and not necessarily the needs of the human soul. 

Moving beyond, the topic of defying social constructs, the Elements shares 3 core principles that serve to help you find your Element:

  1. Your life is unique. You can learn from others experiences, but you cannot duplicate them.
  2. You create your own life and you can re-create it. Your greatest resources are your own imagination and the sense of possibility.
  3. Your life is organic, not linear. You can’t plan the whole of your life’s journey and you don’t need to. Simply plan the next step.


Each one of these principles supports the truth I have come to recognize in my life and reinforces my next step in my own journey.  In the spirit of the Element’s principles, I will begin my first Life Coaching certification through Dr. Amy Johnson’s home study program.  Becoming a life coach has been in my heart since I was twenty four and used the assistance of a life coach to identify my next step in my journey toward self-fulfillment.  At the time I knew I needed more life experience and training to follow this dream.  Given that life is organic there isn’t a formula to becoming the best life coach out there, but this is my next step:).

Dr. amy j

This step may provide the catalyst I need to reach my next goal or it may simply show me another part of myself I never knew before, leading me in new directions.  Regardless, it’s a process of creation and an outlet to new possibilities and playgrounds I haven’t participated in yet.

I will be sharing my learning experience as a life coach on my blog and I hope you join me in this learning endeavor.  My objective will be to share more about what life coaching means and how you can use its principles and thought processes to follow your dreams and break down your own barriers to living a fulfilling life.