Welcome to Beyond Belief Barriers Coaching

Are you craving more freedom, flexibility and fulfillment in your career and life?

Not quite sure how to start?

If you’re looking for answers to these questions, you have arrived at the right place.  You have found your dream life project manager/coach to help you design your best career and financial life, with intention.

Living a life that energizes you and has the freedom you crave, is a process.  It takes understanding what you deeply want, how to get there and committing to progress.

Committing to the progression of change in your life can be the most challenging part.  This is where mindset shifts, deliberate action and coaching with accountability, move you from dreaming to activating.

In my coaching practice I use multiple tools to help you reach your goals, including (but not limited to):

  • Business planning & profitability optimization
  • Website strategy, development and execution
  • Sales skill building, sharing your value with confidence
  • Marketing planning and strategy development
  • Online & email marketing training (newsletter creation, sending & analysis)
  • Personal value and resource assessments
  • Personality assessments–Strengths Finder, DISC profiling and intuitive coaching conversations to clarify your strengths
  • Energy coaching, using diet, exercise and meditation to change your energy

Interested in learning more about key tools to start: Get your own FOCUS Coaching ebook to help you move from: 

Dissatisfaction/Dreaming–>Organized Clarity–>Project management–>Mindset shifts–>Guided ACTION–>Results

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